3 Gross Things You’re Sleeping With

We have always assumed that we take care of ourselves better than anyone else. When it comes to our own cleanliness, it does not only concern our bodies but also our mattress! Studies claimed that our mattresses carry thousands of bacteria when they are not cleaned regularly. Here are the 3 gross things that you might have been sleeping with.

 1. Dust

You might think that dust is not a big deal, but the truth is dust is the first phase that indicates how dirty your environment is. If not cleaned, dust particles will not only affect the colour of your mattress sheet and its quality, but it will also affect your health, leading to some cases of dust allergies.

To prevent dust piling up on your mattress, try to wash your mattress sheet at least once every 3 to 4 weeks. If you are living in a place with windows or balcony, try to wash them more regularly. However, note that washing the mattress sheet is never enough. 

 2. Germs


Other than dust, germs are one of the grossest things in and on your mattress. Not only are they dirty, but germs may result in health complications, such as fevers, coughing, diarrhoea, and other types of common infections. In order to get rid of germs, change or wash your mattress sheet regularly and if symptoms occur or persist it’s probably time to get your mattress cleaned. 

Avoid leaving your mattress in wet or damp conditions as it can cause smelly odour, germs, and mould spore growth. For a better cleaning, professional mattress cleaning is highly recommended.

3. Dust mites


As dust accumulates it causes your mattress to be a dust mite haven. Not only is it unhygienic for your mattress and bed sheet, but dust mites may result in serious skin rash and allergies. To overcome this issue, washing your mattress sheet regularly may not be enough to prevent such dirty particles and inhabitants. Therefore getting a professional mattress cleaning service may the best solution. 

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