3 factors to picking the right lorry size for you!

Having a moving truck that is too large or too small will bring many inconveniences and can put movers’ safety at risk while loading or unloading. Also, inappropriate trucks will lead your belongings to improper stacking and a higher potential for damage. Here are 3 factors to picking the right lorry size for you: 

Determine the sizes of truck 

The bigger your home, the more items you have to move. Therefore, you will need a bigger truck to relocate everything. To find out what size moving truck will be suitable for you, you need to calculate the total cubic feet of the items you need for moving and check what amount of items different trucks can accumulate. If you need expert help, you can get assistance from Kaodim’s experienced and trusted movers. There are three lorries of your choice from Kaodim which are 1 tonne (10ft), 3 tonne (14ft) and 5 tonne (17ft).

Consider the quantity of items

The quantity of your items which you have to shift is another factor to be considered. Applying real-life numbers will make it easier for movers to know their needs in order to arrange the right truck. For instance, if you only have a couple of items to move such as a few boxes or a sofa, movers will recommend you to rent a pick-up truck for your moving. The maximum weight of a pick-up truck is just under 500 kg and ideal for those who only have a small studio to shift. 

Measure the distance of relocation

One of the important factors that determine the right size of a lorry you need is measuring the distance which you have to relocate. For example, if all your items don’t fit in the moving truck at once but you’re only moving locally, it is recommended you make multiple trips from your old home to the new one without any matters, to reduce your moving cost.

Choosing what size moving lorry you need is a critical and tiring affair. But fret not! Kaodim moving ranges from Long-Distance Moving, Local Moving-Pickup truck to more moving services in order to ensure you have a worry-free moving experience. Book now and you can enjoy free protection coverage for damage or theft!