3 Dangerous Things You Are Doing With Your Electrical Wiring

Having electrical problems at home can be very frustrating, inconvenient, dangerous and expensive to fix too. Some damages are caused by accumulated wear and tear but some are caused by the habits you are repeatedly doing which is spoiling your electrical wiring. Here are some bad habits you should stop to prevent further damage.  


1. Overloading electrical outlets




Since we are staying at home more, plus the fact that most of us work-from-home and have online classes, this means we will need more electrical outlets to charge our devices. If you have more than two extension cords plugged in at the same time you should seriously dial back. Extension cords should only be used temporarily, connecting multiple cords for an extended period of time can cause an overload on the electrical outlet which can lead to a short circuit.

Instead of pilling multiple extension cords on each other, you should opt for a power point installation. You can book our electrical wiring/power point service and get professionals to help you. This solution not only helps with the output, but it also puts less stress on the wiring.


2. Performing repairs yourself




If you are a certified electrician then you can, by all means, conduct fixes on your own but you are not; we strongly advise you against trying to do it yourself. You might not know what kinds of problems you are dealing with and by doing that you are also risking your own safety.

Best case scenario, you don’t get hurt but you may potentially cause more damage and problems to your electrical wiring. Instead of handling it yourself, hire a professional to get it properly diagnosed and fixed, that way everyone is safe and your problems will be solved for you. 


3. Ignoring flickering lights




Our usual response to a flickering light is to change it instantly, but a flickering light is a sign that can mean many things. One of which is it could mean your wiring is damaged. If you have already tried replacing the lightbulb and it still continues to flicker, it definitely means your wiring is damaged.

It is best that you get your electrical wiring checked as soon as possible to avoid any further damages, get a professional electrician to find out what the problem is and fix it.

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