3 Damages That Require a Fix ASAP!

In our houses, there are multiple home appliances that we rely heavily on a daily basis. Due to the importance of the appliances, we tend to ignore the minor problems the appliances have so we can carry on using them. Some problems are more severe than others and can pose a big threat to your safety. Here are 3 the damages you need to get fixed ASAP.

1. Excessive loud noises



Is your home appliance making loud noises? If your refrigerator is making a humming sound it is normal, refrigerators hum throughout the day when they reach the desired temperature to keep the food cool inside.

What you should be listening out for is a screech, the screech can mean that there are loose or broken parts inside the appliances. If you hear your refrigerator screeching, seek professional help to identify and fix the problem.

2. Overheating




Overheating is a major sign that your house appliance needs to be repaired. House appliances like refrigerators need electrical energy to perform tasks and function which will produce heat, so, they will naturally be slightly warm to touch but never hot. 

If the heat of the fridge reaches a high temperature on its tops, sides, or back it is a strong indicator that you need to get it checked up. Overheating could be caused by hair buildup or other debris which requires immediate professional repair. 

If you notice some odd behaviour coming from your fridge, you can book our refrigerator repair service and enjoy free protection coverage for damage & theft when you book. 

3. Water leaks

Do you find a pool of water every time you wash your clothes in the washing machine? This is a probable sign of leakage in your washing machine which you should attend to immediately. Leaks may result from a clogged or tilted overflow tube caused by using too much detergent or combining laundry products inappropriately. 

These damages are easily spotted and shouldn’t be ignored. Delaying repairs can only lead to more dangerous and problematic consequences, it’s best to hire a professional and seek help in the early stages than to regret it later.

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