3 Common Moving Injuries

Most people often try to speed up their relocation process, causing them to neglect to take the proper steps and precautions while moving. It can certainly put their safety at risk and result in unnecessary injuries. Let’s take a look at the 3 common moving injuries: 

Strained Back

One of the most common injuries that can simply occur during a house moving process is back pain. For instance, if you do not lift heavy items or boxes in the right way, it will cause a tremendous amount of strain on your back muscles or even make you herniate a disc! Your back is one of the most important parts of your body which supports your daily activities so be sure you book our Kaodim Moving service for expert help. 

In addition to that, choosing the right truck for your move is also vital as it can help minimise the risk of back injuries too.  Kaodim provides 3 moving trucks of your choice ranging from 1 tonne (10ft), 3 tonnes (14ft) and 5 tonnes (17ft).

Broken fingers and toes

Broken fingers and toes are also the most common occurrence during the relocation process. This is because people often accidentally drop heavy items like big boxes, furniture or appliances onto their fingers and toes while loading and unloading. 

In this situation, you can wear thick gloves and closed-toes shoes in order to reduce the possibility of injuries to your fingers or toes while lifting. Also, you can opt for our Kaodim professionally trained experts to provide you with high-quality moving service.

Cuts and Scrapes

Sharp items like knives, forks or scissors can easily cause cuts and scrapes during your moving process, especially if you do not pack them safely and properly. Therefore, you should place the proper insulation and padding to cover the sharp edges to ensure good protection for fragile items. Also, it is recommended you cover up your skin by wearing multilayered clothing or denim in order to decrease the risk of cuts and scrapes during a relocation process. 

Hiring a team of trusted movers is a good solution to keep you safe during the house moving service because they are equipped with the experiences and skills. We recommend booking our Kaodim Moving & Relocators service and let our trusted experts provide you a hassle-free moving experience. Book now at a fixed price and get free protection coverage for damage and theft!