3 common bathroom cleaning mistakes to avoid

Bathroom cleaning is known to be the most tedious and highly avoided household chore. However, it is still a chore we need to do to keep the overall home clean as bathrooms are the best breeding ground for germs and bacteria due to their moisture level! Cleaning the bathroom regularly and correctly can help maintain the condition of your bathrooms and avoid major repairs in the future. Here are 3 common bathroom cleaning mistakes that everyone needs to avoid.


1.Using multi-purpose cleaner on every surface

Bathrooms commonly have various surfaces. For instance, there’s glass, granite, tiles or stainless steel. Each different surface would require different types of cleaner to maintain its condition. Just because the bottle says multi-purpose cleaner, it doesn’t mean that it can clean all surfaces effectively. It’s best to use the respective cleaning solutions for different surfaces as using a one-for-all cleaner could only degrade certain surfaces like a granite countertop over time.

2.Wiping the surfaces immediately

even when you’re in a hurry or want to get the cleaning job done as soon as possible, never wipe away the sprayed solution immediately. Let the solution sit on the surface for a few minutes before wiping off in order to effectively remove the dirt and bacteria. Strategize your cleaning routine to save time. You can spray on the cleaning solutions right at the start of the cleaning session, wipe them down and rinse them off as the last step to the end.

3.Not cleaning your toilet brush

Now the surfaces are shiny and clean, there’s one small tool that hides behind the toilet bowl or under the sink that is often forgotten. It’s the toilet brush! It brings bacteria from the inside of the toilet bowl to the bathroom and is the best home for bacteria! You might think that it can be cleaned simultaneously as you clean the toilet bowl or a simple rinse will keep it clean. However, we can’t spot bacteria with our naked eyes. After using your toilet brush, it is best to soak them in hot water with bleach for 30 minutes to an hour to completely kill any bacteria on it. Then, rinse the brush with hot water and leave it to dry completely before returning it to the toilet brush holder.¬†

It’s never too late to learn more about how to clean your bathroom correctly. Cleaning them correctly can certainly reduce the risk for your bathroom to be the hotspot for germs and bacteria. Alternatively, to have a sparkly clean bathroom effortlessly, let the pros aid your home! Sit back and relax when you hire our trained cleaners for a¬†general house cleaning & sanitization service. Our cleaners are equipped with Mr Muscle’s products to make your bathroom clean and fresh.