3 Cleaning Mistakes You Need To Avoid Now!

Maybe you are making cleaning mistakes and not cleaning right. Learn the proper ways to clean, here are a few cleaning mistakes that you might be making.

1. Using the same sponge



Sponges are one of the most common and useful cleaning items around the house. They can be used for different cleaning purposes but they shouldn’t be recycled to clean everything. For example, you won’t want to use the same sponge to clean your utensils and your kitchen tiles.

Having separate sponges for different surfaces and items will minimise the introduction of new germs. It also reduces the need to constantly replace them because of the amount of dirt collected.


2. Not letting products sit



Good things come to those who wait, many still make the mistake of washing the product off before it works. Most products don’t work instantaneously, letting products sit for a few minutes allows it to work its magic and clean more effectively!

The product needs time to get rid of the dirt and bacteria on its surface before being washed off. Don’t waste your time, effort and product by simply scrubbing away, just apply the product and give it time to work. 


3. Not wearing protective gears



Cleaning products nowadays are getting more and more effective with the help of multiple chemicals. Some might be allergic to these chemicals and can be harmful to us causing rashes and skin irritation.

To prevent any harm, use gloves, masks and goggles to protect your skin and eyes from these chemicals. Try to take note of those chemicals that are causing irritation and avoid using products containing them.

Now that you are well equipped with more cleaning knowledge, it’s time to begin cleaning. If you’re just not the cleaning type, you can instead book our house cleaning service and get professionally trained cleaners to leave your house sparkling clean! Enjoy great benefits such as free protection coverage and a reservice if unsatisfied with the service.