3 Causes of Indoor Flooding You Need to Know!

It’s been raining more than usual, but that does not mean it should rain indoors too! If you are suffering from an indoor flood here are 3 potential reasons why.


1. Leaking and Damaged Pipes




The first thing to investigate when you encounter a random pool of water that you have in the house is finding the culprit. Lookout and see if the flooded area is around any water pipes if it is you most probably have a leaking or damaged pipe.

An alternative answer is that your plumbing system is clogged, a clogged up pipe can be the cause of the leak. The continuous presence of standing water in the pipe can cause water to leak through the caulking and seals at the threaded pipe joints. If you find that your pipes are leaking, don’t hesitate to hire a professional plumber for a plumbing repair service.    


2. Roof damage




Roof leakage is an easy spot, especially during the rainy season. Obviously you won’t be able to see the hole in the roof because it’s covered by your ceiling. What you are looking for is a damp patch or water spots on the ceiling.

Locating the roof leak can be ridiculously hard because of the fact that water doesn’t necessarily drip straight down. The water can travel along the roof panels before eventually dripping onto the ceiling and leaving a water spot. You don’t have to try to locate the roof leak yourself, just get help from our professionals and they will get your roof repaired too.    


3. Leaking Washing Machine




Finding water around the washing machine is not a good sign. This is a sign that your washing machine is leaking, this is a probable result from a clogged or tilted overflow tube caused by using excessive amounts of detergent or combining laundry products inappropriately.

These damages are easily spotted and shouldn’t be ignored as they can lead to more dangerous problems. If your washing machine is acting up, get it fixed as soon as possible by hiring our professionals to deal with it.

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