3 Best Ways To Pay For Your Renovation Project

Having a renovation project done is a huge commitment especially if you’re planning a major one. Most of the time, renovation projects are scaled-down and restricted due to one’s financial constraints. Don’t you worry, we have 3 payments plans that you can select from to pay for your renovation project.


1. Renoflex 1



For this payment plan, payments are split into different stages based on the project completion progress. You only have to pay 50% of the total project value when 75% of the renovation is completed. The other 50% will be split into two, one when 100% of the project is completed and the other 1 month after the completion of the renovation.

Don’t worry, no interest will be imposed on the deferred payment so you won’t be paying a single cent more by choosing this option. We will also run a free eligibility check and will bear the expense of your CTOS score check.


2. Renoflex 2



This payment plan has a similar split payment concept as Renoflex 1 but is slightly different. The first payment which is 25% of the total project value will be required to be paid upon the signing of the agreement.

The other 75% will be divided into 3 separate payments which will be 25% of the total project value for each payment. Payment will be made when 25%, 50% and 75% of the renovation work is done.


3. Reno EPP



Last but not least, Reno EPP allows you to pay in installments with Easy Payment Plan on selected banks. This means payments can be made between 6-12 months installments with zero interest charges. This payment plan also has a free check of your CTOS score.

All 3 of the payment plans above include dispute management and free protection coverage for damage and theft. Kaodim will handle any disputes between you and the contractor, your renovation project will also be insured up to RM50,000 by Allianz.

Now that you know more about the payment plans, it is now up to you to choose the most suitable payment plans for your project.