3 Bad Cleaning Habits You Need to Change

We all have a busy daily schedule but we still have to find time to keep our house clean. Practising these shortcuts to save time cleaning will eventually become a habit. It is hard to admit that some of these practices are actually very damaging and unhealthy. Change for the better by acknowledging these bad cleaning habits you need to change.


  1. Excessive use of cleaning products

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When it comes to cleaning, many may think the more product or soap you use, the cleaner the washed item will be. Little do you know it’s actually the opposite, in cleaning terms less is more and more is less. 


For example, adding more than the recommended amount of detergent to a pile of clothes will cause more harm than good. Instead of the clothes getting cleaner it actually gets dirtier because of the unrinsed detergent. The residue will act as a magnet to dirt giving you extra work and causing it to be harder to wash. 


Hire our professional cleaners and enjoy yourself while our cleaners turn your house into a sparkling clean home. 


2. Ignoring product direction


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The most informative and neglected part of every packaging is the labelling behind. The labelling contains a lot of basic information and recommendations written by manufacturers like how to use the product, how much you need, and when you should use it. 


Ignoring the labels and product direction can cause you precious time, energy and even damage your home. Manufacturers would know the best and most effective way the product should be used. Spend 30 seconds to read the directions and instructions instead of spending 30 minutes figuring it out and doing extra work. 


3. Using dirty cleaning tools

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Using a dirty cleaning tool to clean up, may not work out as you intended? All you’re going to achieve with a dirty cleaning tool is making your home dirtier than it was before.


Using a dirty mop just spreads the dirt all around, same goes with every other cleaning tool. Make it a habit to make sure all your cleaning tools are cleaned before and after usage to prevent contaminating your home further. 


If the dirty cleaning tool still stinks and is dirty after multiple washes, it’s probably time to get them replaced with new ones. Changing cleaning tools regularly can ensure you aren’t just spreading dirt and germs around your home. If you want your home even more spotless you can always opt to hire our cleaners and request for them to bring cleaning tools.