3 Bad Cleaning Habits We Should All Break

We love spending time in a clean house, but we are all guilty of bad habits that tend to delay the cleaning process, leaving us stuck in a messy situation. If you are experiencing some bad cleaning habits fret not, we are here to help! Here are 3 bad cleaning habits and how to break them.

Ignoring Product Instructions 

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This notorious habit can certainly set your cleaning to fail, as these instructions were created to ensure that you get the most out of the products. Not following the correct amount or leave-in duration of cleaning can either damage your items of even cause your cleaning to be less efficient and a waste of precious time.

What we recommend is reading labels thoroughly and following the correct measurements and duration. If you need more help you can always opt for our house cleaning service and be entitled to a reservice if unsatisfied.

Not Washing Tools After 

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This is a big no, no, as your tools have been in some serious grime and dirt! You can expect a ton of germs on your mop, sponge, therefore, cleaning your tools after usage will ensure a cleaner home and fewer germs transmitted. To clean your dish sponge simply place your sponge in soapy water for 1 minute in the microwave, as for your mop rinse out all the water until the water is clear then place your mop in a mixture of hot water and bleach for 10 minutes, this can be done with brushes as well.

Not Cleaning The Night Before 


This is an important task that is good to practice every night, as it can help save you time in the morning. For those of you who work in the early morning, it’s never ideal to leave the dishes overnight let alone an entire day or leaving your rubbish out and about and rushing to clean it the next morning this is because germs and odour will start roaming your home and can certainly stink up your day. Therefore, spending a good 30 minutes in the night can save you time and reduce your stress level.

If you’re too busy to clean, hire our trusted cleaners to ensure your home is always clean. enjoy up to 30% OFF services this rainy season now! We guarantee a reservice if unsatisfied.