2020 Kitchen Tiling Trends for Eid

Eid is nearing and still haven’t got a clue on how you’re gonna decorate your home? Besides the living room, the kitchen is the heart of a house as well because not only it’s where the magical rendang is made but it’s the place where everyone gathers. Here are some inspirations on how you can give your guests something to talk about for the next few weeks after they give you and your kitchen a visit! 

  1. Honeycomb Design

This classic honeycomb tile will give you a vintage vibe with a modern twist to your kitchen. White tiles give your kitchen a neat look and help brighten your space. The choice of grout colour is important too as this will accentuate the walls even further. Using dark coloured grout on light coloured tiles allow the patterns to stand out. 

2. Redbrick wall


Besides being coated with paint and cement all the time, having a raw and bare looking redbrick wall as your kitchen wall is actually not a bad idea! It gives you this rustic feel to it and add a little bit of wood-based detailings for a more countryside look. Hey, if you can’t paint the town red might as well get a red brick wall right?

3. Dark Side


Come on over to the dark side! Most people have the perception that a dark wall, especially black coloured tiles make kitchens look dull and dark. As said earlier, choice of grout colour is super important and for this matter, white grout will make dark-colored tiles pop out more which gives it a minimalist look. 

Always be open to new ideas and don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Get our professional renovation team so you could be the talk of the town this Eid!