Stunning Backyard Designs for the Contemporary Household

Is your shabby backyard overpopulated with lalang? It might be time to change things up. Every house could use a knockout backyard – one with water features or gazebos or a beautiful floral archway – a backyard so charming that your heart leaps with joy every time you see it. So don’t fret if you don’t have the backyard of the century, because it’s not too late. Our landscapers at Kaodim can help you achieve the lawn of your dreams. Here are some amazing outdoor examples that could turn your house into the star of your neighbourhood!

Garden Walkway

Garden WalkawayPhoto credit:

This enchanting walkway looks like a scene out of Alice in Wonderland! Just gazing at it makes your feel like you’re transported to a magical land in the heart of your imagination.

Victorian Gazebo

Victorian Gazebo
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This Victorian-styled gazebo is just stunning, with rich curtains of leaves and purple flowers draped over it. Imagine gathering the family here on a breezy Sunday morning for breakfast.

Garden Border

Garden BorderPhoto credit:

This particular design is best for someone who prefers a lot of plants and flowers. If you love being surrounded with shrubs and greenery, this would be ideal for you.

Wooden Walkway

Wooden Walkway
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This Zen-inspired walkway is just divine. This would work well even if you have a small backyard. It’s almost like having a secret escape route into nature from the busy or mundane routine of life.

Manicured Lawns

manicured lawnPhoto credit:

A perfectly manicured lawn always works well on the eyes. You can spruce it up potted plants and neat shrubs, as seen above.

Water Feature

Water Feature for backyardPhoto credit:

A water feature is another famous centrepiece for Malaysian gardens. We understand the concern about mosquitoes but if there is a constant flow of running water, you should be fine. Furthermore, water features are absolutely relaxing to watch.

Pretty Patio

Garden bonus: Backyard vacation; May'11; Denton garden, Malibu, CA
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If you would rather transform your backyard into a hip hangout spot, then this design would be perfect. An outdoor seating patio with pretty plants and comfy chairs provides plenty of relaxation.

Contemporary Patio

Contemporary Patio
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Turn your backyard into a contemporary patio with a zen-inspired garden by adding a stone-tiled walkway and a calming pond or water feature. This simple yet sleek design will earn you a round of compliments from everyone who visits.

Feeling inspired to take the plunge and revamp your entire backyard? Kaodim is here for you. Just submit a request for landscaping and we’ll connect you with experienced landscapers to remodel your lawn into a stunning work of art. Our experts can also provide you helpful advice on the best greenery and designs for your backyard. And if you need some tips on caring for trees and getting rid of lalang in your garden, read this.

written by Tashya Viknesh

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