Things You Should Do Before Hiring Renovation Contractors for Your Home

By Cindy Junovica

Home is where the heart is. Your home should be a haven of comfort, reflecting your own style and personality. Whether you’re planning for a remodel, or wanting to do a little home improvement for your place, there will come a time when you need to call in a professional contractor to do it.

A great contractor is a valuable asset to your home project, but finding the right contractor is not a walk in a park.  Before you decide to hire anyone, you need to make sure that you’re indeed working with a trusted and reputable service provider. Choosing right contractor can make a difference in terms of budget, safety, and stress.

Here are 4 things you should take in mind before hiring contractors

1. List out at least 5 eligible contractors

In today’s dotcom era, Internet is one of the most effective methods to find any kind of services or products. Do a search on Google by typing the keywords like “Renovation Contractors in Subang Jaya, Malaysia” or check the popular online forums like Lowyat to participate in active discussions on reputable renovation contractors in Malaysia. Another method is to ask for references from your friends and family.

With so many recommendations out there, it can be difficult to come up with a shortlist. The overwhelming results may be confusing, and you can’t tell whether they are any good.

To get a shortlist fast, another suggested way would be to post your job request for contractors at Kaodim will connect you to the trusted and reliable renovation contractors, as well as providing you with the complete portfolios, reviews, and quotes of the contractors. Spare the hassle, visit!


2. Get a few quotes for the same service

When you already come up with a shortlist, send your job requirements and descriptions to all of the potentials. If one or two of the contractors do not respond to the request, at least you still have a few back-ups. Do not limit yourself to only one contractor. Compare and find the best, budget-friendly price of the same service offered.

The good news is, offers this service for free.  Once your job requirements are sent, Kaodim will send it to all qualified and recommended contractors who are compatible for this job. Interested and available contractors will respond, therefore providing you with estimated fees and a selection of contractors to be taken into consideration.


3. Quality is number one. Don’t go by price.

Sometimes, when given a choice, it’s undeniably tempting to just go with the cheapest price available in order to minimise the budget and save more money.  You will get various estimated quotes from different contractors, but don’t let price to be the determining factor. If you go with the cheapest, you could be getting the cheapest work, literally.

Also, get a detailed and itemised estimates (price break down, permitting cost, etc) in written form. The price should be broken down as much as possible so you know exactly where your money is spent.


4. Check for reviews

Honesty is the best policy. As a customer, you want to know whether the contractors are reputable and transparent about their work – availability, punctuality, and quality.  One of the ways to do it is to google their names and see if any related feedbacks come up. You can also try to look at the local online forums to find out whether someone has discussed the service or talked about any of these contractors before. allows you to do just this. When a selection of contractors is provided, you can check out their portfolio and read genuine reviews from previous customers.

Caption: genuine reviews from Kaodim customers
Caption: genuine reviews from Kaodim customers

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