#kaodimtaxi Contest FAQ

1. How do I participate?

First, make sure your Facebook / Instagram profile is set as public. 

You can participate through any ONE of the following 2 ways :

a. Laptop / Smartphone: Go here www.woobox.com/yektxu and submit your entry/(ies).

b. Instagram: Upload the taxi photo on your Instagram profile with a caption and the hashtag #kaodimtaxi.

The hashtag #kaodimtaxi is compulsory.

2. What are the different taxi slogans that I can snap a picture of?

  1. Need a cleaner?
  1. Need a mover?
  1. Need aircon repair?
  1. Need a plumber?
  1. Need a photographer?
  1. Need a tutor?
  1. Need a fitness pro?

3. How do I stand to win the Grand Prize?

You must submit a photo of all 7 different taxi slogans above and upload it all to our contest page using the same email address. You may submit your photo of 7 different taxi slogans in a form of a collage or you may submit photos of the 7 different taxi slogans individually. However, you must submit all 7 photos via the same platform Choose either Facebook or Instagram.

4. Do I have to submit all 7 photos at once? (e.g. I spot 3 taxis)

You don’t have to. You can submit 1 today, 1 tomorrow, and if you spot more, you can submit it whenever while the contest is still running on but you must submit all the photos via the same platform that you used for the other submissions.

5. How do you pick the winners and how is it announced?

Winners will be selected based on submissions with the most creativity and effort. We will announce winners on both Facebook and Instagram. So keep an eye out!

6. What details must I give to the organizer after I have been selected as a winner?

You will be sent a link to a form where you provide your full name, phone number, email address, and house address.

7. How can I redeem my prize?

Kaodim will contact winners with information on how to redeem their prize.

8. Can I just submit one photo? 

Sure! You will still be in the running to win the Second Prize and Third Prize, but not the Grand Prize.

9. What if I submit more than one photo but less than seven?

You will still be in the running to win the Second Prize and Third Prize, but not the Grand Prize.

10. Can I submit photos taken by other people (e.g. friends or relatives)?

Yes, but we encourage you to use your own photos.

11. Must the slogan be visible in the photos?

Yes, they must be clearly visible.

12. Can I submit photos taken at night?

Absolutely, as long as the slogans are clearly visible.

13. Can I edit the photos?

Yes, as long as you do not cover/block the slogan.

14. When must I submit the photos in order to be eligible to win a prize? 

You may submit the photos at any point within the Campaign Period (2 March – 30 March 2016).

15. Can I submit more than once?

Yes, as long as you submit the photos via the same platform.

Important: Entries must be submitted via a single platform. We do not allow combination of entries across two platforms. For example, you cannot combine entries on Instagram and on Facebook to count as a chance to win.

  • For example:
  • Joe has collected 7 slogans. 
  • If Joe submits all 7 slogans on Instagram, it is counted as 7 slogans submitted, and Joe is in the running to win the Grand Prize
  • If Joe submits 4 slogans on Instagram, and 3 slogans on Facebook, it is not counted as 7 slogans submitted, and Joe is not in the running to win the Grand Prize. 


Terms and Conditions apply, read it here.


Can’t find the answer you are looking for? please email us at : kaodimtaxi@gmail.com

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