Tips To Finding The Right Plumber

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There are a lot of things we want in a home, but having a swimming pool in your kitchen is certainly something you’d like to avoid!

A burst pipe, a leaking faucet, and a toilet that just won’t flush is more than an annoyance; it’s detrimental to our living space and causes a lot of water to be wasted.

So what does anyone in the right mind do? Well, a rational person would look for plumbing service providers for a solution.  In other words, hire a plumbing contractor to fix the problem. With so many plumbers in Klang Valley to choose from, it’s hard to find the right guy.

Here are some guidelines in dealing with a plumbing contractor so that you make the most effective use of his time and expertise.

1. Determine what needs fixing

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Prior to hiring a plumber, you need to know what you actually need as this will be important when making a decision; this will save you time and costs in the future. Some plumbing contractors only offer basic or just one type service such as replacing (pipes, joints, taps, etc) or repairing work, installing fixtures and troubleshooting common plumbing issues. Some problems might be more complex and it would be better if you hire higher calibre plumbers, specialising in more complicated plumbing problems.

2. Time for research

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Normally you would get referrals from various friends of plumbers they’ve employed before. Alternatively, you might check out reviews on your local forums to get a better understanding of plumbing services or companies to ensure you are getting the right plumber for your needs. If you have a real estate agent you are familiar with, you can consult them for advice because they usually keep a handful of contacts they trust and like to work with. The more experienced the plumber is, the higher the chances of getting the job done right the first time. 

3. Compare prices

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Once you have narrowed down the plumbers you want to contact, you can start comparing quotations after being specific about your problems. Getting at least 3 quotations is advisable so you know you are getting the best deals in town. 

Also, depending on your plumbing needs, the plumber might need to come over to assess the situation before giving you an accurate quote and it’s best to keep the project the same for every plumber you consult.  You might want to consider whether the plumber charges for a site inspection or consultation.

4. Plumbing licenses and warranty

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Before making the final decision to hire a plumber, it’s advisable to check the legitimacy of their licenses, as this will help when you need to make a formal complaint if things do not go as promised. Hiring a freelance plumber may be cheaper but if anything goes awry liability can’t be placed on the plumber. The best plumbers usually offer some form of guarantee on the work they perform but are aware of the full extent of warranties awarded.  

In general, as long as the professional has sufficient experience and can get the problem fixed, most Malaysians are happy. Carrying out due diligence to this extent might be very time-consuming.

Once the job is completed, if the workmanship is satisfactory, make sure to leave a good review for the plumbing services company and recommend them to anyone who needs a good plumber. A plumber relies heavily on word of mouth and reputation.

Quite wonderfully, allows you to do everything we stated above in just a matter of minutes. We verify and vet all our plumbers giving you options from reliable plumbers and some of them with excellent workmanship. It provides an easy and seamless, streamlined experience when hiring a plumber.

You can read real customer reviews of a plumber before you hire him. Then once the job is done, leave a review on that plumber’s works. That’ll really help many other Malaysians who might decide to hire him in the future.

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  1. This was a good post! You made some valid points to consider when looking for the right plumber for the job, and your writing style was entertaining as well. It’s good to determine what needs fixing, like you mentioned, so that you can figure out if you need a specialist or a more basic plumber. I actually had my kitchen flood… the drain line got backed up, upstairs roommate took a long shower and next thing I know I’m up to my ankles in water feverishly trying to do damage control. We’re still in the process of fixing the issue but this article will be great to use as reference 🙂

  2. I really appreciate this information on how to find the best plumber. I like that this explains the importance of knowing what needs fixing so that the plumber can be as productive as possible. My husband and I are looking for a new plumber, so I will be sure to keep these ideas in mind. Thanks for the information!

  3. These are some great tips, and I appreciate your advice to get referrals from friends when looking for a plumber. I’ve been having some issues with the drain in my laundry room, and I’m not sure what the problem is. I’ll definitely ask around to see if there’s a good plumber I could use that my friends have had a good experience with in the past. Thanks for the great post!

  4. My pipes have started to drip, and I need to find a plumber to fix it soon. Since it’s a small problem I’ll take my time to compare the prices of different plumbers so I can get the best price. That way I’ll make sure I get the best deals.

  5. I’ve noticed that my sink isn’t draining like it should be. I’ll be sure to call in a professional and let them know the source of the problem is! That way they can at least come up with a good list of stuff that the issue could be. I’ll also make sure that they have a plumbing license, of course! Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is some really great information for anyone looking for a reliable plumber. It’s definitely important to make sure that a plumber is licensed and can guarantee their work and quality. It also doesn’t hurt to check to see if the company has any awards or professional affiliations. I’m going to make sure I refer to this guide before hiring a plumber. Thanks!

  7. These are some great things to look for when searching for a plumber. I think that finding a plumber that does free quotes is really important, and getting a quote from a few different people can really help. Good advice to ask specifically what is included in the quote they give you to make sure you have the same expectations. Thanks for these awesome tips!

  8. I am happy to have found this article about how to find the right plumber. It is good to learn that the first step is determining what needs fixing. I am glad that this is a way to save time and money in the end. Something else to consider would be ensuring that the plumber selected is licensed and experienced.

  9. I like your advice on getting at least three quotations from plumber to compare prices. I would imagine that working with at least three estimates would really help you get a feel for the best plumbing contractor near you. My husband and I are looking for someone to come do some plumbing work so we’ll have to remember to get multiple estimates first.

  10. A white build-up on showerheads and taps is a telltale sign of hard water. Or, if your house receives municipal water service, you can easily find out how hard it is. By law, every municipality must file an annual water quality report with the Environmental Protection Agency. If you have a well, check your most recent water test report for hardness information. Anything over 140 parts per million is considered hard water.

  11. This morning I woke up to our dishwasher overflowing with water all over the kitchen floor! Clearly, it was great to know that you need to know what you actually need as this will be important when making a decision. I will be sure to assess what we may need right now and then get in contact with a plumber this afternoon to get professional help!

  12. I liked when you talked about knowing what needs to be fixed before calling in a plumber. I can see that remembering this can help you make sure you know what and how to explain your needs when calling a professional. It makes sense that getting several quotes can help you narrow down your lists and find someone you can trust.

  13. Thanks for the tips. My father has been having a few issues with his plumbing, and it is way beyond his basic understanding of plumbing. You wrote in the article that you should get at least 3 quotes from different plumbers, so that you can compare their services and prices. This is a great approach for my father to take, as it prevents him from rushing into hiring someone and allows him to make a well informed decision.

  14. I agree that you need to check a plumber’s license when you are looking for a repair. It would seem hat you would need to hire someone who is licensed to ensure excellence. I’m looking for a plumber to help with some repairs around my home so I’ll have to find someone who is properly licensed.

  15. You make a good point about figuring out what you need to fix before looking for a plumber. I never thought about how different plumbers can have different specialties. I’ve noticed that all of my appliances are draining slowly, and I’m pretty sure I need a professional.

  16. This is very much good post i was looking for it! Thank you so much for giving me the information abut the leaking of the pipes. You teached me to how to communicate with the contractor or plumber and in which way we can communicate to it.! Keep Posting..

  17. Hi there,

    I think that when it comes to finding the right plumber you’re 100% correct about how testimonials and word of mouth are great. I can’t tell you how many time I’ve seen people have trouble with plumbers simply because they used cost as the only means of comparison, not good!

    ~ Liam

  18. Thanks for the tips for finding a plumber. My wife and I need to have some work done in our bathroom, and we are having trouble finding the right company for the job. I like that you mentioned to make sure the company you choose offers a warranty or guarantee on their work. That way, you know they will stand by their service.

  19. We have been listening to a leaky sink for a few weeks now and have decided that it is time to seek help from a plumber. It is good to know that depending on your plumbing needs, the plumber may need to come assess the situation. It would be best to get an accurate quote. I will keep this in mind while interviewing possible plumbers.

  20. Lately, we have noticed that our bathroom tub and shower isn’t draining properly. We want to hire a plumber to come check it out and fix any potential issues. Like you said, we will have to check out reviews on local forums to get a good understanding of the plumbing services and to ensure we hire the right company.

  21. I appreciate which you propose to invite the plumber if they rate at a flat price or in case you’ll be charged hourly. I can see why this would be critical to understand earlier than they show up so you can prepare for them if wished. My spouse and I are looking to have our drains cleaned this summer in training to promote our house. I’ll must don’t forget to ask this from the plumbers we meet.

  22. Not many people would think about it, but the article does make a really good point about checking the plumber’s license and warranty. If you’re going to hire one to work on your home’s plumbing then you want to make sure that they are licensed to do so. Hiring an unlicensed plumber because, if something goes wrong on the job, you could be held accountable for it.

  23. My husband and I have noticed that our shower seems to be leaking through the floor. We want to make sure this is taken care of by a reliable plumbing service quickly before it becomes a more serious issue. Like you said, when looking for a plumber, ensuring they have experience will increase the chances of having the job done right the first time. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Some pipes in our house have been having some issues lately, and we need help in being able to find the right plumber to come into fix them. I like how you pointed out that when we narrow down a few of our options that one thing we need to do is to compare their different quotations to see which one will work best for our budget. It’s good to know that to be able to do this fairly we need to be specific about the project with all of them, and to get three different quotes from them.

  25. The sink in my kitchen has been clogged recently so I’ve decided to begin looking for a plumbing contractor to help unclog it. So thank you so much for mentioning that I should make sure that their license is legitimate. I will make sure that the plumber I hire is licensed so that I make sure their work is top quality.

  26. Thanks for the great tips for finding the right plumber. I didn’t know that asking real estate agents could get you good recommendations for plumbers. We need to hire one quick, because I think we have a leak in our upstairs bathroom.

  27. My parents asked me for help in finding a plumber to help them with some different issues around their home, and I think that being able to have someone who has legitimate licences as well as different warranties on their work would be so good for them. My dad is old fashioned and likes when people do things right and stand by their work, so finding a plumbing service who has these characteristics would be really helpful and comforting to him. I’m going to have to see what kinds of companies I can find, and be sure to check out licensing and warranties!

  28. I like that you mentioned to make sure the plumber you choose offers some form of guarantee or warranty. That way, you can know that he will stand by the work he has done and you will not have to worry about any issues in the future. I want to find a plumber to help me do some work on some of my faulty piping. I will be sure to keep these things in mind as I search, thanks.

  29. My wife and I have run into a bit of a problem in our master bathroom and we haven’t really been able to fix it. I liked that you had mentioned that it could be important to research around and online to find an experienced plumber with great reviews. Knowing that this could be something of importance to look into, I might have to start researching plumbers in my area to find the best one so that we can have our problem fixed correctly.

  30. Thanks for sharing! I find the part about checking licences and warranty of the plumber especially useful. My sister has recently moved into a new house and she will definitely need to check if everything is fine with her plumbing system. I’ll definitely share this information in order to make a choice of the specialist easier.

  31. I liked that you had mentioned that it can be important to fully research plumbers in your area to find one that will fit your needs. My wife and I have been having problems with our kitchen sink and we haven’t known how to actually fix it ourselves. We’ll have to start doing some research on hiring a plumber and hopefully, we can find one that can fix the sink easily.

  32. It’s awesome that you talked about how the more experienced the plumber, the higher the chances of good quality work. My dad is looking to get some plumbing done in his master bathroom. I think I will talk to him about making sure he hires an experienced professional.

  33. After my fiance and I moved into our new home, we realized that we may need to call a plumber to make some fixes to our home’s drains. We have been thinking about looking into different traits of a good service to make the choice easier. I will be sure that we make sure that the licenses of the guys we choose are legitimate.

  34. 2. Know Where Your Main Water Shutoff Valve Is Located

    . If you experience a major leak, one of your first moves should be to shut off the water at its source. Be sure that you know the location of your home’s water shutoff valves. These can usually be found near the meter where the water first enters your house. In addition to this, most homes have individual shutoffs for different rooms, allowing you to cut off water to one room while still maintaining the flow throughout the house. Sometimes this is in the form of a lever, but sometimes a screwdriver will be needed. With this in mind;

  35. I like how you said that before making the final decision to hire a plumber, it’s advisable to check the legitimacy of their licenses. I have some plumbing issues that have happened lately. Thanks for the tips on finding the right plumber.

  36. I just bought my first home, and I want to make sure that I don’t have any issues with my plumbing. It is good to know that I should check the licenses of any plumber I am thinking about hiring. That does seem like the best way of making sure that I get repairs done.

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