3 things you’re doing that is making your home hotter!

Cool air can provide us with a good night’s rest and comfort. However, hot weather and temperature inconsistencies are common issues everyone experiences. Here are 3 things you’re doing that is making your home hotter.

You’re not cleaning your aircond filters regularly

Ideally, you should clean the filter on your aircond unit at least once every three months. This is because your aircond will start to develop layers of dirt, dust and grime within its filter, preventing it from working normally if you fail to clean it periodically. A dirty filter can cause a poor airflow or freeze up of your aircond unit’s evaporator coil. The evaporator coil is a heat pump that absorbs the heat from the air in your home.

Be sure you book our aircond chemical cleaning regularly with our experienced experts to get your aircond functioning efficiently and providing cool air.

Incorrect aircond positioning

The location of your aircond has a huge impact on its energy efficiency. For example, if you place your aircond in an unused corner with more direct sunlight, it may force the system to work harder in order to lower your room temperature as the light from the sun’s rays can heat things up. Besides sunlight, the lamp or any other appliances that create heat will affect your aircond system and increase your room temperature too. 

It is recommended for you to hire an expert to relocate your aircond in a shady spot so it could help your aircond run more efficiently. In addition to that, you can reduce using indoor appliances that will emanate heat such as table-top steamers. 

You’re letting outside air in

While your aircond is running, leaving your windows or doors open is the worst idea as it may negatively affect operating efficiency and damage the system’s ability in providing your home with a comfortable temperature. Whether you’re letting the hot air from outside into your home during morning or night, your aircond has to fight even harder to pull the humidity out of the conditioned air and keep your room temperature low. It is essential to close all your windows and doors when the aircond is on. 

Avoid making the mistakes above, and your aircond will work properly to cool your home. If you need aircond repairs services, book now and our experts will come to you during the Conditional MCO. You also can opt for our aircond online inspection at only RM1, and you will receive a video inspection. If you want to get your aircond cleaned, book our aircond chemical cleaning now and enjoy 1 flat rate across any horsepower with our trusted experts.