3 Things Slowing Down Your Internet

Most Malaysians are required to work from home or online learning due to the Coronavirus outbreak pandemic. However, it is easy to get frustrated by a slow home Wi-Fi connection. Here are three things slowing down your internet speed. 

The location of your router

You might not give much consideration to where you install your router. If your strategy is just plugging the router into an available outlet and placing it on the floor or shelf, this can be problematic for several reasons.

For example, if you place your router on the second floor and try to browse it on a device on the first floor, your Wi-Fi signal will be weaker as it may have to travel vertically through the solid walls and flooring. Hence, you could consider changing the location or position of the router in order to carry a better signal over a wider area.

Old cables 

Over time, your router’s performance is likely to decrease due to a build-up heat. This can easily reduce your Wi-Fi speed.  An old cable with broken copper can prevent you from a smooth online experience and may also have certain limitations. In addition to this, an older cable could put you and your family at risk.  Be sure you hire an expert to replace a newer and faster router to extend your network and ensure your safety at home. 

Other devices are causing interference

There are many digital devices that we use everyday that could interfere with Wi-Fi signals such as smartphones, Bluetooth headsets and other electronic devices. Besides, your neighbour’s router can also cause interference too! This is because Wi-Fi is usually on a frequency of 2.4 GHz which should be separated from other devices. If you are considering a different method to speed up your Wi-Fi such as changing to a different broadband plan, well we can help you with

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