Time To Plan Ahead & Book These Services

Hooray, the holiday has arrived, happy labour day, let’s take this time to celebrate the achievements of workers and while you’re at home throughout the MCO also start thinking about what’s next for your home? Is it, disinfection? Renovation or deep cleaning? No matter what services you need we got you covered! 

Deep Cleaning

Does your home need a deep cleaning during this lockdown period? Especially the sink, the tiles the faucets and showerheads. Your home can harbour plenty of germs which can heighten the risk of infection. These unseen germs, dirt and dust can be reduced with the help of our cleaning experts! Highly experienced and trusted professionals.

Sofa & Mattress Cleaning

Needless to say, having a sofa and mattress somewhat complete home, but they require extra care and attention too. With over 100,000’s of mites potentially living on your sofa it’s good to rid of them as they may lead to several allergy problems and affect your immune system. Pre-book our professional cleaning experts to clean your sofa and mattress to rid your upholstery of dust mites. 

Aircond Chemical Cleaning

Over time, your aircond will start to build up dirt, dust, mould and bacteria inside your unit. These harmful microorganisms will prevent your aircond from functioning effectively and make it less unhygienic. Therefore, you should get your aircond chemically cleaned at least twice a year. Aircond chemical cleaning involves the spraying of chemicals and water onto your aircond system and removes the dust that has accumulated over time. Be sure you book our professionals to clean your aircond to maintain healthy indoor air quality.

Disinfection Service

During this global pandemic outbreak, washing your hands frequently is one of the best steps you can take. However, the viruses still cling to hard surfaces you carry with you into your homes like your doorknobs, tabletops, refrigerator doors and others. Be sure you hire our cleaning experts to disinfect your home during this crucial period as our trusted experts are equipped with non-toxic disinfectant tools. Get rid of harmful bacterias and don’t let your home become a harmful microorganisms breeding ground!

Enjoy 30% OFF services when you plan ahead and book with us! Stay safe at home and we’ll be here to help you with your home needs! If you need home essentials during MCO we got you covered! Book plumbing repair, disinfection, and more now.