10 Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas

While the functionality of your kitchen is of utmost importance particularly for avid cooks, thoughtful planning and some creative design can result in an atmosphere so welcoming that you’d want to spend more time there! Also, with the popularity of open kitchens these days, the space is also frequently used for interactions with guests when you are entertaining. So why not give your boring kitchen a makeover?

Wonder what designs are best for your home? We scoured the realm of kitchen designs and picked ones that are more contemporary and minimalistic for this blog post.  Take a look, be inspired and consult your interior designer or renovation contractor for more ideas!


source: rowendakitchen
Simple and stylish designs

Minimalism at its best. The white shelves and countertops ooze sleekness, providing a beautiful look for those who prioritize cleanliness. Not a good idea, on the other hand, for the messy ones especially when children are involved. However, the wallpaper in the back adds a gentle touch to the stark contrasts of white, black and stainless steel.


Contemporary and practical kitchen designs

This design is a perfect combination of wood, metal, plastic that freshens up the spirit. The dark-wood counters are a perfect complement to the white and lighter colors. The tiles on the wall keeps things interesting, and the splashes of green in strategic places with light shining on them gives the kitchen this spring glow, warming up the room. Definitely a fan.


Source: Georgianadesign.tumblr.com

I imagine seeing this in a Muji catalogue or in a beautiful, Scandinavian home. The light wood is incredibly pleasant for the eyes. The counter seating is also a great idea especially if you love hosting parties and having guests interact while you cook. It’s nice and spacious with good lighting.


source: rowendakitchen
Stainless steel fixtures add an industrial touch to your kitchen

If you’re not a big fan of wood, consider this alternative. It’s glossy, it’s shiny, it’s cool, it’s contemporary. The different sections of the kitchen will create an interesting flow for the people coming through your kitchen so even though it’s still in a rectangular space, the organisation is different, making things more interesting. This is something to think about with your kitchen designer — challenge him/her to think outside the box.


source: rowendakitchen
The use of bright colors evokes a lively atmosphere.

If subtleness is not your style, go for a dominant, bold colour that screams personality. It’s bright, it’s fun, it’s a blast. I can imagine rocking out to some great tunes while cooking up a storm in this space. Try purple, try pink!


Source: Magnoliahomes.net

You’ve been clamouring for some exposed brick haven’t you? Well, here it is! For the urban hipster, the brick wall, coupled with black granite countertops, white cabinets and sink, with a beautiful wood counter and metal stools blend so perfectly together. It even has a hint of those modern American farmhouse look. You’re going to want to cook here, eat here, write here, study here, hang out here.


source: rowendakitchen
Tight and sleek, this design is utilitarian yet elegant.

For fans of #1, this is a look that will give it a run for its money. Similarly, it is ultra sleek and modern. But again, not quite suitable for heavy cooking. Good for entertaining though! And, there’s always take out, especially when Manchester United is playing.


Source: BHG.com

If doing a major kitchen renovation isn’t an option for you, try introducing new elements to spruce things up. For example, the kitchen design above is a fairly classic one, but by painting the cabinets a lovely pastel colour and installing a marble slab between the cabinets, they’ve spiced things up and enhanced the overall atmosphere. Of course, fresh flowers never fail to provide a boost. This is definitely something to consider if you are interested in just touching up your kitchen. Get some expert opinion from one of our Kaodim kitchen designers! And if your cabinets are looking a little sad, get some help from our carpenters to give them a quick fix. 


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Innovative kitchen designs, complemented by modern appliances

If revolutionising the traditional concept of how a kitchen should look like is what you’re going after, try this! Instead of rectangular or square cabinets, build a round one! I can see this design in one of the Battlestar Galactica control rooms, can’t you? The purple cabinets and lighting further amplify the futuristic look.


Small and cozy kitchen design

This is definitely the most “homey” design on our list. Nothing pops out spectacularly but everything blends together harmoniously. The tiled walls are a nice touch as well. Throw in a pot of simmering chicken soup and that’s a home you’ll want to go back to every day.

Need more inspiration? Why not head over to Kaodim.com and get in touch with expert home renovation contractors and knowledgeable interior designers? Transform your kitchen into the masterpieces you see above!