15 Coolest Coffee Tables You’ll Want In Your House

Coffee shops. Coffee houses. Hipster cafes. It’s inescapable. The coffee culture is steadily growing in Malaysia. In fact, you might be thinking of getting a coffee table, but not sure what design to use?

If one wanted to take part in this flourishing culture, what would one do? After much coffee (excuse the pun), here’s a list of 15 coffee table ideas which you can buy or customise to effect.  Some of these aren’t too difficult to build – and many carpenters in Malaysia can get them custom made for you.

But before that, a few things to keep in mind when choosing a coffee table for your home. Since the coffee table is the centrepiece of your living room, you really want to invest in something that stands out.  It is an important piece of carpentry that should blend in with the general look of your living room but at the same time, it should stand out too.  Don’t be afraid to show off some of your personality and exercise your creativity!

1. Bilin Coffee Table

Photo credits belong to Sunperry

A simple yet modern looking design

2. Tree Stumps In Your Living Room

Photo credits belong to Bestpickr

Something you can easily pick up at the store or from logging sites.  Shouldn’t be too hard to find these tree stumps.  Just some sandpaper and lacquering maybe and you’re sorted out with a new coffee table.

3. Books + Magazine Racks

Photo credits belong to Bestpickr

A coffee table with easy access to reading materials

4. Wooden Boxes Placed In Confused Positions

Photo credits belong to Bestpickr

Pretty wood designs that can easily be put together yourself or any Malaysian carpenter.  You can find these boxes online or someone will most certainly have them lying around somewhere.  These crates might be used  to transport fruit and vegetables. I’m sure your local fruit and veg seller can spare you a few.

5. Stackable Bookshelf + Coffee Table

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Beautiful and practical, this will be a lovely addition to any living space.

6. Expandable Wooden Transformer Table

Photo credits belong to Bestpickr

And you thought transformers couldn’t turn into coffee tables!

7. Fish Tank

Photo credits belong to Bestpickr

A fairly extreme design that can be easily put together with some clever planning. Just don’t spill the coffee!

8. Lego Block

Photo credits belong to Bestpickr

For some reason its just cool to make Lego everything- halloween costumes, wall decorations, notebook covers. There’s no reason why coffee tables shouldn’t be included in the list. Lego fans out there would really get this. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about stepping on it!

9.Vintage Snowshoe Rattan 

Photo credits belong to Bestpickr

A good mix of rattan can easily make this piece outdoorsy and traditional looking at the same time.

10. Nintendo Controller 

Photo credits belong to Bestpickr

Geeks out there would lose their minds over the coolness of this but rest assured, this symbolic piece would appeal to most people anyway. It’s classic, vintage, timeless, friendly and simple just affable.  Perfect balance of creativity, expression and style.

11. Mixtape Cassette 

Photo credits belong to Bestpickr

No one born after the 1990s would know what this is. It’s antique today. For those of you who were around in the 90s and feeling a little nostalgic, this is a great idea. It might be a challenging but super fun project for your local carpenter.

12. Car Engine 

Photo credits belong to Bestpickr

A must have for all car buffs. Get familiar with your local scrap dealer to get your hands on this.

13. Ping Pong Coffee Table

Photo credits belong to Bestpickr

Just don’t put this in an office or productivity will be down by at least 45%.

14. Floating Metallic Balloons

Photo credits belong to Bestpickr

And who thought that balloons could ever be elegant?

15. Computer Boards

Photo credits belong to Bestpickr

As nerdy as this may seem, you would rather have this than not. Used circuitry and board parts are easily available for cheap and if you are lucky, for free! Make sure your get your electrician to wire in the lights. It won’t have the same effect if it didn’t light up.

Any renovation contractor, carpenter or cabinetry expert might be able to help you create any of these ideas. Get in touch with them on Kaodim.com to see if anyone could be open to building a coffee table for you.