15 Cool Doormats To Express Your Personality

Love expressing your personality through objects around the house?  Paintings, cushions, features walls, photographs all serve to tell your guests what type of person you are.  Creating a home with stuff that really shows off who you are makes the place more meaningful and special to you.

But have you ever considered showing off your personality to people before they enter the house? Since doormats provide the first welcome sign for your guests, set the tone right with a hint of who are are with these really neat doormats you might want to get your hands on.

These are small modifications you can make to your home without hiring a renovation contractor or going through an extensive interior design makeover.  It adds lots of character and isn’t that expensive.

Go for Humour & Wit

For the inner jokesters, get your guests smiling and laughing before they enter. Find something with a really smart and funny slogan. It’s a great way to set the mood for a pleasant visit, unless your father-in-law doesn’t appreciate a good joke.

The parents want you to know: You have been warned. Source: Amazon.co.uk


A little pervy, but we’ll know a bachelor lives here. Source: weheartit.com
This will definitely keep robbers away.  Hard for them to see the message at night though.   Source: Americandesignclub.com

Show Something Pretty

Perhaps style and sophistication are more for you.  Here are some pretty, rustic designs to impress your guests with your good taste.

An eclectic look to get started with.  Grandma would love this. Source: Junkaholique.com


Opt for an earthy style with this woven fabric. Source: Gardenista.com


A classic look with a rubber mat. Source: juliasvitadrommar.blogspot.nl

Display Your Geekiness with Pride

We live in the age of the geek. Go for some tech-related humour and have your guests pull out their iPhones for a selfie with your doormat.

Perfect for those Apple fans and very relevant today. Source: Mashable.com


For the sentimentalists. Kids born in the 90s wouldn’t understand. Source: NSFwallet.com


In memory of PC days. Source: Brit.co

Incorporate Elements of Nature

Bring in some wood and stone for a Zen-like atmosphere to welcome your guests.  This might work if your home has a spa like ambience. These doormats are sure to soothe the spirits of those who arrive at your door.

Sliced tree branches combined into a doormat. Source: Fab.com


An image of tranquility.  People would want to walk on this without their shoes though. Source: Dot and Bo


Who says wood has to be brown? Source: bystephanielynn.com

Three Cheers for Fantasy Fans

Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Game of Thrones? Enough said.

Expect a Lord of the Rings movie marathon when invited over. Source: Damn Good Doormats via etsy.com


Welcome to the Dark Side. Source: Forevergeek.com


A true fantasy for Malaysian weather. Source: DamnGoodDoormats via Etsy
A true fantasy for Malaysian weather. Source: DamnGoodDoormats via Etsy