8 Wedding Cakes That Will Leave You Speechless

Wedding cakes are carving a trend of their own, with an array of creative and jaw-droppingly beautiful masterpieces fronting the scene. So if you’re trying to keep up with the cake fashion, you wouldn’t want a plain white cake at your wedding reception; you want something that complements your party’s theme. Go bold, go wild, go crazy. Flourish your wedding with a cake to remember, like one of the stunning creations below!

1. Cake Of Thrones

cake-of-thrones-cake-mamasPhoto credit: Cake Mamas

If you and your fiance are fans of Game Of Thrones, you need this glorious cake at your wedding. We’re encapsulated with the intricate details of this masterpiece.

2. Whimsy Wonderland

Photo credit: Sweet Traders

Alice called from Wonderland. She wants her cake back. This timeless piece is going to be perfect for your garden-themed wedding party.

3. Contemporary Creation

Photo credit: Olofson Design

A cake this good belongs in an art museum! The gold accents, coupled with strips of colour splashes and fascinating geometry, are a great reminder that love is an abstract work of art after all.

4. Marbled Elegance

Photo credit: WedLuxe

This cake is a genuine work of art! Shades of green wrap around the front of the cake, which is gently splattered with gold and garnished with pretty white flowers.

5. Floral & Fruity

Photo credit: The Bungalow

It’s your wedding, so live it up through bright colours and pretty flowers! Keep it fun and fruity – just like the vibrant, exciting soul that you are! This one’s going to be a hit among your guests.

6. The Love Diary

Photo credit: Elegant Wedding

Do you recall the long love letters or text messages you used to exchange with each other? Nothing spells your romance more clearly than a wordy cake, designed like a secret diary that contains all the quirky little details of your relationship.

7. Towering Teacups

teacup-cake-elizabeths-cake-emporiumPhoto credit: Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

How much do you love tea? The amazing details channeled into this towering cake is as regal as it gets. The pink camellia carefully crafted from rich icing sugar on top of the cake is a quiet reflection of the love that has blossomed between you and your fiance.

8. Sugar Ruffles

Photo credit: Style Me Pretty

This cake reminds us of a pretty wedding gown! It’s probably the way the cream ruffles run along the tiers and the charming placement of flowers that makes this beauty a classic piece of perfection.

Whatever your cake fantasies are, we have the right people to satisfy it. Our incredibly talented bakers on Kaodim will whip up the cake of your dreams in buttercream, sponge, chocolate, or anything you desire. Now tell us, which of the featured cakes above are your favorites?

written by Carissa Gan