10 Pretty Paint Colours Recommended by Designers

One of the more straightforward home improvement projects is changing the paint colour scheme. Whether it’s just one show wall, an entire living room, or the whole interior – and exterior! – of your house, switching up the colour swatches can give your home a whole new ambiance, revitalise drab living quarters, and make you fall in love with your home all over again.

Starting off with the right colour choice is key. Bored of beige, but don’t know if burgundy walls will work for your living room? Here are 9 designer-approved paint colour inspirations for you to choose from:

For the bold & adventurous:

1. Heritage Red

Heritage Red paint colour
By Benjamin Moore

Red walls are not for the faint-hearted; this deep and bright Heritage red by U.S.-based paint store Benjamin Moore is the perfect colour for bold spaces to inspire character and energy. However, the colour tends to look a little dark in daytime, but the night brings out its best features. This red is a little too invigorating for bedrooms, but will work well in living rooms, home media rooms, and dining rooms.

Photo credit: Decoist

2. Autumn Purple

Autumn Purple paint colour
By Benjamin Moore

Another adventurous shade to try is purple. This deep Autumn Purple brings to mind rich sweet berries, is cool yet warm, and versatile for many areas in your home. Try it out in dining rooms, media rooms, or even your bedroom if you’re feeling daring.

autumn purple bedroom

For quirky individuals:

3. Bermuda Turquoise

Bermuda Turquoise paint colour
By Benjamin Moore

Blue is another great colour full of character, inspiring fun and expressing quirkiness. This jewel-inspired Bermuda Turquoise is unique and elegant, and calming yet unconventional. It looks well for statement walls, living rooms, bathrooms or even your bedroom.


For being one with nature

4. Alligator Alley

Alligator Alley paint colour
By Benjamin Moore

This earthy green-grey colour may look dull to some, but is just the right balance of natural and cool for others. It’s definitely bolder than conventional white, but neutral enough to give your bedroom and living room a relaxing, nature-touched feel.

alligator green
Photo credit: Pinterest

For the cool heads:

Grey is a calmer choice than all the snazzy colours like reds and greens, but different enough from standard whites to give your home more personality.


5. Parma Gray

Parma Gray paint colour
By Farrow & Ball

For a grey with blue and purple undertones, consider a colour like U.S.-based paint makers Farrow & Ball. This shade inspires feelings cosiness amidst cool skies and calm clouds, making it particularly suitable for your bedroom, living room, or little reading nook to curl up and relax with a nice book.

parma gray bedroom
Photo credit: Houzz

6. Passive

Passive paint colour
By Sherwin Williams

Described as a reliable grey with no undertones, Passive is totally balanced in its warmth and coolness. This neutral shade is versatile and will work with almost any space in the home, from the kitchens to the living rooms.

passive gray dining room

7. Brassica

Brassica paint colour
By Farrow & Ball

More purple than grey, this colour is subtle in its uniqueness and character. It reportedly works well in bringing out other colours of a room’s fixtures and furnishings, and makes a perfect and delightful shade for living rooms and media rooms, or any rooms for entertaining guests. If you fancy a purple bedroom, this colour is cool enough to help you relax while expressing your unique quirkiness!

brassica purple bedroom

The other shades of white:

Traditional white can still impress! Besides the standard off-white or the too-bright, stark whites, there are many more subtly exciting shades to choose from:

8. Linen White

Linen White paint colour
By Benjamin Moore

More off-white than white, this ivory shade will give your rooms a soft, pleasant character. More soothing than stark white and fresher than regular old beige, it’s a nice neutral colour for calming spaces such as bedrooms, home offices, and living rooms.

linen-white living room
Photo credit: Buyer’s Edge

9. Revere Pewter

Revere Pewter paint colour
By Benjamin Moore

This white is actually a little grey. It also adapts to ambient lighting and colours, making it a very versatile yet exciting shade to use for all sorts of living spaces and rooms.

10. Decorator’s White

Decorator's White paint colour
By Benjamin Moore

A very white type of white, this colour is said to have a hint of blue that will lighten and brighten a space.  It will definitely give any area a fresh and sprightly feel, and works well if you intend to use it as a base for decal wall art on your statement wall.

Feeling inspired by all these different paint colours? You can go with your gut to choose the best shade for your room, or you can get expert help from one of the many professional painters on Kaodim. Even if you’ve already picked out your next swatch, these pro painters will make sure everything is painted right and all things go smoothly to achieve your perfect, all-new home look!