10 Little Known Tips for Effective Bathroom Cleaning

Tackling the grimy stuff in the bathroom is no fun, no matter how many times you try, it’s just too much time and elbow grease to rub the scum away. If you need a professional cleaner to tackle those bad boys, Kaodim’s list of experienced home cleaning companies are ready to help.

However, if you can’t take that grime any longer, we’ve got 10 simple tricks and tips for effective bathroom cleaning:

#1. Heat It Up

Prepare your sink and tubs by letting them fill up to about an inch or so using very warm to hot water. When surfaces are a bit warmer, your cleaning power actually doubles up.

Leave the water in for a few minutes for the surface to heat up. Next, drain the water and proceed to scrub with an antibacterial cleaner – presto! The dirt and grime becomes much easier to clean. Scrub til squeaky clean!

Source: diynetwork.com

#2. Let it Sit

Professional cleaners will normally let the cleaning solution sit for some time to work through soap scum and grime.

Instead of wiping off immediately, leave your cleaner in the toilet bowl and surfaces for 5-10 minutes. Then, scrub with cloth or sponge, and finish off by rinsing them clean.

#3. Use Car Wax

Most bathrooms in Malaysia might not have bathtub grime to deal with, but we do have grout that form on shower walls especially when you have tiles. Here’s a tip – use car wax to create a preventive layer on your walls’ porous surfaces.

Apply the wax to the fiberglass shower liner and glass door like you would on a car. We suggest reapplying twice a year.

Take note that you cannot use car wax on floors as it will be slippery and dangerous.

#4. Use Natural Ingredients for Unclogging

Dump 1 cup of baking soda down the drain. Next, pour in a cup of white vinegar. Leave the solution to sit for about an hour – the fizz from the combined baking soda and vinegar will start breaking down the contents blocking your drain.

When the time is up, pour hot water in to flush everything out. Do this once a month and never have to worry of your long strands of hair clogging up the drain again.

#5: Use Vinegar to Clean Showerheads

What?! Your showerhead needs cleaning? For sure. Trust us on this. And this is how you do it: Place a clear or zippered plastic bag filled with vinegar over your showerhead. Secure with a clip or rubberband.

Make sure that the nozzle is fully submerged and leave it to soak overnight. If you have a detachable showerhead, you can remove it to soak in a jug of vinegar or a plastic bag.

Remove it later and run some water to rinse it. Use an old toothbrush to scrub away those loosened minerals. You’ll see it sparkle like never before.

#6. Clear Mildew on Shower Curtains

Place the shower curtains and liners that have mildew buildup in the washing machine with a few old towels. Wash it with warm water and a normal amount of detergent. The old towels act as scrubbers in the washing machine to help get out the scum and mildew.

Hang up to air dry when the washing is done. Voila! Brand new. Saves you the time and money from having to buy new ones every few months.

#7. Use Alcohol on Mirrors

Use vodka (yes, vodka), or isopropyl alcohol (available at pharmacies). This is a natural alternative to store-bought window cleaners and it’s much cheaper too.

For Isopropyl alcohol – combine 1 part isopropyl alcohol (70%), 1 part distilled water & 1 part white vinegar (it still works if you don’t have white vinegar). Use old newspaper or cloth for wiping down.

For Vodka – vodka is a great degreaser and is a powerful disinfectant. Combine 1 part alcohol and 1 part water in a spray bottle, use to get rid of hair spray stains on mirrors.

Another awesome trick? Use microfibre cloths.

#8. Sanitise your toilet brush (after all that gunk!)

If you’ve never cleaned your toilet brush, well, it’s about time. Using your toilet bowl, dump 1 cup of washing soda, 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide, and 1/2 cup of white vinegar inside. Let the toilet brush sit in the mixture for several hours. Later, flush and rinse the brush in fresh water.

To dry the brush, lay it across the toilet seat with the brush hanging over the water. Close the lid to secure the brush in place.

Source: organizinghomelife.com


#9. Tackle with Your Toothbrush

Probably the most underrated tip of them all – using an old toothbrush. Missing those hard to reach places leaves buildup of mildew and grime that will smell bad if not taken care of.

Toothbrushes are great to clean grout lines, shower door rails, faucet fittings and more. Tackle all those hard-to-reach spots with your old toothbrush!

Source: thriftyfun.com

#10. Clean out those Shower Door Tracks

You’ve ignored it long enough. It’s time to act! Prepare paper towels, an old toothbrush, cottonswabs, vinegar and water in a spray bottle. If you have deep track holes, stuff them with paper towels so the vinegar won’t seep through.

Soak the paper towels with vinegar and lay it in the crevices, or pour directly on tracks. Leave in for 30 minutes. Then, brush the loose scum with a toothbrush (See? Told you toothbrushes are awesome) or cottonswab.

Source: centsablemomma.com
Source: centsablemomma.com

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