10 Home Decoration Hacks You Need To Know

In the advent of GST, many Malaysians are probably weary of unnecessary expenditure, especially when it comes down to beautification of their living spaces. Light accessorising, some creativity and expression of your personality will be less taxing on your bank balances and fortunately it does not require much renovation or the services of an interior designer.

1. Use accessories to decorate walls


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Generally we tend to try and fill up bare spots of our walls with expensive décor such as antique clocks or large mirrors and paintings or even wallpaper. However if you opt for cheap and light items such as trinkets (or hats) that cover large surface areas, this can create a charming and rustic effect. Think of anything you have which can be displayed on your walls and put them up. An added benefit is that they can be easily remove if you get bored of it and want to replace it with something else.

2. Print Instagram photos


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You are probably wondering what could you do with this, but the possibilities are endless! Frame them up, create montages, mix and match, paste on bare spots, on your refrigerator or walls. This adds a homely and personalized touched to your home.

3. Hang an interior curtain


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This can create the illusion of separation of living quarters within your home and create a neater and more elegant presentation. Be creative with curtain designs and suddenly your clever addition will be the envy of your guests. Curtain partitions are also a cheaper alternative to building walls (which actually make the space seem more confined and much smaller).

4. Re-purpose your old and unused jewellery accessories to make artsy curtain tiebacks.


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You can use rhinestones, jewellery that is no longer in fashion and/or whatever large necklaces you can get your hands on to create a dilettante look. This can add a bohemian touch to your décor theme and it fits well with a low budget for curtain designs.

5. Cover a wall with plates



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This eclectic and ingenious option can really make your wall space appear to be cleverly artistic. You have a myriad of options such as to create a symmetrical layout or mix and match shapes, colours, designs or textures that can evoke a sense of unconventional patterns.

6. Painting the sides of doors and cupboards


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This creates a pop-out effect and painting the sides of drawers will be a favourite among children.

7. Attach ribbons and/or tape to fans


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Let’s face it; table fans are not the prettiest of appliances. But with our Malaysian climate, this could be a lifesaver. Attaching a couple of ribbons or tape can create a cool visual effect and can distract our attention from the actual fan unit.

8. Poke holes in dark lampshades to create an illuminative effect


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This requires a little bit of time and planning but the outcome can be exceptionally mesmerising. Get your family involved in this and it can become a cherished household item.

9. Slim storage to fill unused space


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The less bare and empty space you have around the home, the better aesthetically. Slim shelves and cupboards are cheaper and easier to dismantle and restore when it comes down to moving house.

10. Paint half your walls


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This is a nifty trick to make your ceiling appear higher than it actually is. And you save on paint as well!