10 Essential Ways To Prepare Your Kid For College

Portrait of smiling university/college student on the background of his cheerful classmates

Sending your kid off to college in a different city or country? The process can be overwhelming, especially with college applications and emotional preparations of watching your dear child grow up and advance into a whole new chapter of life. Here are 10 things to bear in mind before sending your child away for college.

onion on the chopping board-cooking1. Teach Them How To Cook

It’s time to introduce your child to the stove if they haven’t met. College kids tend to have a habit of eating microwaved meals and instant noodles, with the excuse of them being cheap, easy and fast. Well, they’re going to need some lessons on simple meals so they won’t have to starve or be nutrition-deprived. Teach them how to cook the basics such as rice, noodles eggs, vegetables and curry. Once they’ve progressed from awkward pan-handling, you can bring it up a notch and introduce them to frying fish and chow kuey teow.

laundry - washing machines2. Introduce Them To Doing Laundry

If they’re going to survive college… they’re going to have to master the basic skills of using the washing machine. It won’t harm to teach them how to use the appropriate detergents so they can hand-wash their clothes if they find themselves without the convenience of a washer in the future. Don’t forget to school them on ways to fold their laundry without getting their t-shirts all wrinkled up.

The hand of a young woman is cleaning around the kitchen sink3. Implement Cleaning Skills

Your kid needs to know how to work a vacuum and a broom. You don’t want your child’s future housemates to label him or her as “that dirty housemate” who doesn’t know how to split the house chores. Drill the basics of hygiene into your child before he or she leaves for college, because these will soon be a part of a larger set of life skills that will benefit your child in the future.

living room cluttered with boxes to be packed4. Pack With Them

Packing can be emotional for your child as he or she tries to stuff the next couple years of his life into two miserable suitcases. There’s always the risk of over-packing. Is it really necessary to bring that childhood stuffed toy? Or 10 pairs of shoes? Take the time to help them sort through their stuff. And if you need to transport furniture over to your child’s new place, you can always hire professional movers at Kaodim to ease the process.

a woman writing on a notepad5. Encourage Them To Learn An Extra Language

Having an additional language is a huge advantage. Studies have shown that people who can speak more than one language stand higher chances of getting employed. Needless to say, it’ll score your kid extra cool points if he or she could converse fluently in Mandarin, French, Japanese or Korean, as these languages are in high demand these days. If you’re interested, submit a request for language tutoring at Kaodim.

coins on white table - money management6. Coach Them On Money Management

Money management is something most parents forget to teach their kids, but it’s one of the most crucial lessons that children need to know before entering college. First of all, your child needs to be schooled on setting appropriate budgets and the dangerous consequences of being too lax with their expenses.

beautiful beach in the sunset7. Plan A Family Vacation

It’s easy to get tangled up in the weighty processes of packing, moving and acquiring last-minute items for your child’s new life in college. But don’t forget to treasure quality time together. If you are able to take a family trip somewhere, go for it. Family vacations are a great way to help everyone relax and prepare for the emotional farewell that will ensue.

new converse shoes 8. Buy A Nice Farewell Gift

Everyone loves gifts. Your kid will appreciate a thoughtful gift from you. Get something practical for your child, like a nice jacket or a new pair of shoes that you know he or she has been eyeing for a while.

man cooking bbq meat on the grill9. Plan An Awesome Farewell Party

Use this opportunity to gather the whole family together by throwing an awesome farewell party for your child. Get your relatives and close friends around to celebrate this bittersweet occasion, and remember to capture these precious memories on camera. Your child will always have this special moment to reflect on when he or she is far away from home. Should you require catering, photography, videography or canopy rentals for the party, Kaodim can assist you with that.

10. Tell Them You Love them

And most importantly, don’t forget to say the three magic words: “I love you.” Let your child know that he or she is always loved and appreciated and that you will always be there to support him or her from afar. Gifts and valuable lessons will go a long way, but nothing beats the pure words of affection that stem from a parent’s heart.

So before you usher your kid off to college, don’t forget to browse the checklist above to ensure that your child is well-prepared for the big adventure ahead. We understand that it’s pretty tough releasing your child into the realms of a whole new world — one where you might not be in close proximity to supervise — but in time, everything will become easier. You survived their teenage years, and you can definitely survive their moving-away-for-college years too.

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written by Carissa Gan