10 Creative Ways To Store & Keep Your Shoes In Shape

Rushing out for a meeting and can’t find the other side of your shoe? It’s time to get organised and what your Converses, Vinccis, Toms, Louboutins, Pumas, Ferragamos, Nikes, Adidas and every other shoe nation deserve is proper storage that can keep them in shape and easily accessible.

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Whether you’re on rotation between 5 pairs of shoes or have a pile of 200 pairs (ladies!), we’ve got 10 creative ideas to store and display your shoes:

1. Floating Rack

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This is a minimalistic solution to keep your shoes without leaving any dusty, muddy and dirty shoe prints on the floor. It makes taking off and putting on your shoes less of a hassle too!

2. Standing Shoe Rack

Getting your kids to arrange their own shoes was never this easy! With this colourful rack, they will look forward to taking off their shoes after school instead of chucking them in front of the door.

Source: containerstore.com

3. Vertical Storage System

If you’re looking for a way to show off your shoes but don’t want to spend unnecessarily on a display rack, you can create your own feature ‘wall of footwear’ by using some simple tools.

You can hide them behind a mounted curtain which you can install yourself to cover them up if you don’t want to have them on display all the time.

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4. Under The Stairs

Don’t waste the space under your stairs! They are especially perfect to store shoes especially if your stairs are by the front door so you can grab them easily on the way out. Hire a contractor or carpenter to install some pull-out drawers into your stairs.

For each step on the stairs, you can arrange your shoes according to their design, colour, owners and types.

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5. Shoe Bench

Kill two birds with one stone with this ‘shoe bench’ – by adding a sturdy surface as the top part of your shoe rack, it’ll be more comfortable for you to sit down and put your shoes on. For extra comfort, you can get the top of your bench cushioned and upholstered.

Source: mowfrisco.com

6. DIY Shoe Hanger

How about a cheap DIY hanger for shoes? They’re not only cheap but they are space savers and can fit your shoes at the bottom of your closet or existing shoe cabinet.

  • Get some old wire hangers and a needle-nose plier
  • Cut the bottom part of the hanger (as in picture below) and discard it
  • For the two remaining sides, get rid of the sharp edges by rolling the edges tightly with the plier
  • Create a ‘U-shape’ hanger/hook on both sides to hang your shoes on

And, you’re done! Save space and keep your shoes off the floor!

Source: whowhatwear.com

7. Recycling PVC Pipes

Go modern with this uniquely eco-friendly pipe shoe rack. Just stack sections of PVC pipes on top of each other and use the proper adhesive to glue them all together. Think of them as Lego pieces – you can arrange them to form any shape you want! All your shoes would be kept neatly, each in their own spot.

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8. Rustic Ladder Rack

For shabby-chic lovers, add a touch of rustic to your contemporary home by transforming an old wooden ladder into a display rack. If you can’t find wooden ladders anywhere anymore, try sourcing for some reclaimed wood from your contractor or carpenter. You can either nail the pieces of wood together to create your own ladder or ask your carpenter help you out with it.

Easily hang your high heels on it as part of your decor. You can store your sneakers and flats on ladders which have wider steps on them.

Use an old ladder to hang heeled shoes on.
Source: buzzfeed.com

9. Elastic Shoes Straps

This quirky and fun idea is definitely for the creatives! The elastic straps basically are like seat belts for your shoes when you place them vertically on the wall. Just make sure that the base on the wall behind the elastic straps is not easily stained or marked by shoe prints (avoid a white base!)

Elastic shoe straps are a quirky and colorful way to hang your shoes on the wall.
Source: envishoes.com

10. Display Cabinets

Display cabinets are called precisely that for a reason, to display your shoes in all their glory! Keeping your shoes in cabinets will keep the dust away and prevent them from damaging your shoes.

To have your shoes looking their best, position them neatly in the cabinet and you can coordinate their arrangements by types and colours.

Source: pinterest.com/amyvermillion

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