6 Best Kept Cleaning Secrets For A Cleaner Home

Cleaning is a chore, but there’s really no way to avoid it if you want to maintain a healthy and comfortable household. However, you don’t need to sacrifice a whole weekend to keep a clean home!

Here are just some of the best-kept cleaning secrets to cut the cleaning time and achieve that comfortable, clean area you deserve.

1. Keep A Cleaning Kit

Keep a cleaning kit
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Have all the tools, appliances, and cleaning equipment on-hand before you begin. You can build a simple cleaning kit with all the washing and polishing chemicals, brushes, and sponges you need, and store them near larger tools like brooms, mops, and your vacuum cleaner so you don’t have to scramble to find everything for your next cleaning session.


2. Clean Top To Bottom

Clean from top to bottom
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An effective cleaning system will also help you save time and energy. When cleaning an area, think top-to-bottom, and left-to-right. A top-to-bottom system ensures you don’t have to go back and clean twice, and a left-to-right pattern helps you hit all the spots without missing any.

Start from the highest point in the room – the fan blades, top of cupboards and furniture, and finally down to the floor. It helps to think of your area as a grid and clean each section one at a time for the best coverage.


3. Vacuum the right way!

Vacuum the right way
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Vacuuming will make your cleaning process much faster than if you use a broom. However, that’s only if you’re doing it correctly!

When vacuuming carpets, use a pulling motion for the nozzle. This will get the dust and dirt more effectively than the regular pushing motion you’d normally use.

Before vacuuming your floor, you can also use the narrow nozzle to clean up the dust that builds up in corners and along edges – these tend to be the dirtiest parts! Once you’ve gotten that out of the way, give your area a once-over with the normal flat nozzle.


4. Dust With A Duster

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If you don’t have the time to give everything a full wipe-down, go over your room with a feather duster instead to catch most of the dirt.

Regular feather dusters are deceptively effective at removing dust build up, and some quick dusting will help maintain the cleanliness of your living space in the long run. They are also useful for hard-to-reach places, such as the top or your fan blades or behind photo frames.

Just remember to keep the windows open to vent the dust!


5. Polish your stainless steel

Polish your stainless steel
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Mineral oil or olive oil does wonders when you use them to polish your dull stainless steel.

Dab a drop on a clean cloth and buff your stainless steel bowls, pots, kitchen racks, and so on to remove stains and return their gleam.


6. Grime-Free Windows

Keep your windows grime-free
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A simple mixture of cornstarch and white vinegar works well to clean and shine windows. Cornstarch acts as a mild abrasive to clean off the grime and dirt, making a more effective cleaner than plain detergent. Wipe off with plain old newspaper, or a squeegee to cover larger surfaces.


Keeping a clean and comfortable home isn’t as hard at it seems, but if you’re in need of some extra help – from your weekly upkeep to a thorough deep-clean of your house – get in touch with one of the professional cleaners on Kaodim today!

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