Why Choose Kaodim Local Moving Budget Lorry Service

Move with ease with our local moving lorry service. The local moving service consists of a driver and a 1-tonne lorry. Quotes rate is based on travel as well as additional add-ons you may require for a more comfortable move such as extra movers, lorry size upgrade. Enjoy great benefits when you book such as free reservice if unsatisfied, free protection coverage against damages or theft and more.

FAQ - Local Moving Budget Lorry Service

No, Local Moving - Budget Lorry does not include any wrapping, dismantling or boxes. Should you require those services, the service provider will provide you with a separate quote. Alternatively, you may also take a look at our Local Moving - Premium Lorry service for an all-inclusive package.
Should you require several pickups / drop off points, please liaise with the service provider. You may be charged per pick up / drop off.
The service is free to cancel. But the vendor may charge you for same-day last-minute cancellations.