Why Choose Kaodim Disposal Service

Get your unwanted items disposed of with the help of our experts. Select between 3 lorry sizes, 1,3 or 5 tonnes. Depending on the lorry size you will receive 2-3 manpower to assist. Our disposal service will ensure your items and wasters are disposed of properly at licensed disposal facilities. Enjoy great benefits when you book such as free reservice if unsatisfied, free protection coverage against damages or theft and more.

FAQ - Disposal Service

Only dry goods such as furniture and electrical items will be disposed of. Disposal of wet goods, household waste, industrial waste, construction & demolition debris, hazardous waste and large volume environmental soil cleanups may be rejected.
Yes, a minimum of 2 manpower is provided for the service to assist you to dispose of your goods.
The service provider will dispose of the good at a licensed disposal facility.