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Vendor Ipsum have sent you a quotation8 hours ago
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Choose From Pick Ups, Lorries, or Interstate Movers

What's the difference between a pick up truck, budget lorry and premium lorry?

Select the right option depending on your budget and complexity of the move

Pick Up Truck

  • 4 x 4 pick up truck
  • With load space of 5ft x 5ft, this is ideal for light moves
  • Covers any distance in Klang Valley
  • No manpower, packing materials, boxes, furniture assembling or disassembling provided
  • No site visit provided

Budget Lorry

  • Choose between 1 tonne, 5 tonne or 10 tonne lorries, which is ideal for a small house or office move
  • Load space of 9ft, 14ft or 17ft, you should be able to fit most large furniture pieces
  • Covers any location within Klang Valley provided travel distance is not more than 30km
  • Manpower is provided in the form of 2 moving professionals. You may request for additional manpower if needed.

Premium Lorry

  • Choose between 10 feet, 14 feet or 17 feet lorries for those office or house moves
  • Free site visit, at least 3 moving professionals to assist, and no minimum travel distance within Klang Valley
  • Boxes, protective wrap, packing materials included
  • Furniture assembling and disassembling included

Interstate Moving

  • Choose between 1 tonne, 3 tonne or 5 tonne lorries for a typical house or office move
  • Move from Klang Valley to anywhere in Johor, Penang or Negeri Sembilan
  • At least 2 or 3 professional movers included to help you move comfortably
  • Additional charges for furniture assembling and disassembling

Need More Information?

Select a service to find out how many items you can fit into each of the options and what our package price includes. When you're ready, go ahead and book the right mover for you.

Hear from other Kaodim users

Alvin Alan

Local Moving, 1 Tonne, Section 14 Petaling Jaya

"Movers were very accommodating. They were on time, and moved everything with care. Even moving into the new place, they made sure that the didn't damage anything. Very professional. Also provided some knowledge on what to do and not to do when moving. Very highly recommended."

Chan Choy Yoke

Local Moving, 5 Tonne, Wangsa Maju

"Movers were efficient and professional. Prior to move, asked me about the load to be moved and we agreed on 5 ton lorry instead of 3. He was right and all my items fitted in."

Paul Gimson

Local Moving, Cheras

"Provided me with the exact service that I needed. I needed a truck and a driver to move my belongings from point A-B and they came and did just that. No hassle, friendly staff. I would definitely recommend them and will definitely use them again if and when needed."